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Rewards of Caregiving





What should caregivers know? Watch the video now.

What should caregivers know?

A caregiver offers advice on how to see the positive side of living with Alzheimer's disease.

Although supporting someone with Alzheimer's disease can be challenging and stressful at times, families report that it can also be very fulfilling. This is true for a number of reasons:

  • Deepening emotional bonds

    In the early stages, facing the diagnosis and planning for care together can bring you closer to the person with the disease.
  • Building self-esteem

    Taking on the responsibility of caregiving can feel like an opportunity to repay the many acts of kindness that your loved one has performed in the past.
  • Enjoying unexpected rewards

    You may be surprised by your own strength. A sense of well-being often comes from finding inner strengths you didn't know you had, and a great sense of satisfaction is often derived from helping others.
  • Making new friends

    By reaching out for support, you’ll meet new people and will likely be comforted to see how many others are experiencing the same thing as you. Coming together in times of crisis enables people to form bonds that they wouldn’t otherwise make.

What's more, by keeping a positive attitude throughout, you may find ways to appreciate the preciousness of the time you have with the person you care about.