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10 Early Signs





What are the signs? Watch the caregiver video now.

treatment options video

A caregiver describes some of the early symptoms her father experienced with Alzheimer’s disease.


Although Alzheimer's disease does start slowly, certain outward signs and symptoms will eventually become more noticeable. Look for the following early signs outlined below.

Then, either fill out the Memory Test on this website, or keep track of any signs you may see in the Symptom Diary available on this website. If you find that the answer to five or more of the questions on the Memory Test is "Yes", you should broach the subject of Alzheimer's disease with the person that you suspect has it and, together, you can speak to a doctor.



Responses to the Memory Test do not determine a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease – they may simply suggest the need for further assessment.

Test adapted from: Mundt JC, Freed DM and JH Greist. Lay person-based screening for elderly detection of Alzheimer’s disease: Development and validation of an instrument.