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Visiting the Doctor





Many people get a little nervous when they visit the doctor. But if you've been suspecting that someone you care about may have Alzheimer's disease, you're probably quite anxious about the appointment – and so, no doubt, is that person.


This section will help you prepare for the appointment by giving you advice to make the most of the time you spend with the physician. Additionally, it will provide information on support networks such as the Alzheimer Society, which are available to help you plan for today and for the future.


Learn more about arranging a meeting between your loved one and the doctor  



The best time to go  

Preparing yourself and someone you care about for a productive appointment.


What the doctor needs to know 

A list of what to bring with you as well as questions to ask the doctor.


What to expect 

Anticipate what will take place at the appointment so you can better plan for it.


Getting a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease 

If someone close to you does in fact have the disease, what will that mean?


Tips for Coping with the Diagnosis 

Steps to help you and the person you care about face a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.